Hello Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh bridges painting 2011
12″x36″ oil on canvas
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I’ve moved to another new city (I think that makes 3 in 2 years), this time back in America. To be exact, I’m now in Pittsburgh. I love it here because it has the friendly hometown feel of Louisville, and the robust arts community of London. The Economist recently ranked it the country’s most livable city (and 29th in the world). Not too shabby. I’ve set up shop painting in an old schoolhouse in a neighborhood that in it’s heyday was busting at the seams with steel workers. My classroom studio still has a chalkboard with students’ names on it from decades ago. It’s perfect. So, here’s to new beginnings!

Paintings in progress, October 18, 2011

Paintings of bridges in Pittsburgh, London and Cincinnati

I’m feeling pretty good about the progress I’ve made in two days in my new studio. My latest move to Pittsburgh, PA has inspired me to do a series of paintings of bridges in the three cities my husband and I have lived in together (Cincinnati to London to Pittsburgh). It feels liberating to be painting in an enormous room versus a London-sized sardine can. I think I can get used to this.

Art for the ArtFund, Back Way to Edinburgh’s High St

Painting of an Edinburgh alley to the high street, 2010
8″x10″ framed oil on board
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Art for Ocean Conservancy, Lunch in Hampstead Heath

Framed 12″x11.5″ oil on board
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I’m living a warm summer day vicariously through my painting. I hope you’re staying warm.

Be a part of World Habitat Day 2010

8″x10″ framed oil on board
Not for sale.

Fortunately, it has been brought to my attention by friends at Habitat for Humanity that October 4th is World Habitat Day. This international day of awareness has been initiated by the United Nations to rally support behind both organizations’ efforts to improve health and housing conditions for families in need.   Habitat for Humanity provided me with powerful facts and statistics about the impact of stable housing, including these select few highlights:

  • Children younger than 5 living in Habitat for Humanity houses in Malawi showed a 44 percent reduction in malaria, respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases compared with children living in traditional houses.
  • Children of homeowners are more likely to stay in school (by 7 to 9 percent), and daughters of homeowners are less likely to have children by age 18 (by 2 to 4 percent). (Green and White: 1996)
  • Homeowners are more likely to know their U.S. representative (by 10 percent) and school board head by name (by 9 percent), and are more likely to vote in local elections (by 15 percent) and work to solve local problems (by 6 percent). (DiPasquale and Glaeser: 1998)

To contribute to Habitat for Humanity’s work, you can donate by clicking here. You can also find out how to get involved in a number of activities specific to October 4th by searching by location here. And as always, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will be contributed to the cause.

I’m exhibiting in London!

London Happy Hour

Big news!   I’ve made a legitimate crossover as an international artist.

Soon I’ll be exhibiting the painting above at my first group show in London at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern).   The exhibition, titled “London Lives,” will run from September 9th through the 19th.

This competition was announced in the Guardian newspaper, which certainly attracted a large number of entries.   Nonetheless I have been selected among a short list of 100 artist invited to exhibit their work AND I’m one of just over 20 being awarded a prize (the specifics of which will be announced at the private opening).   It’s certainly quite an honor.   If you’re in the area, please come and see the show.

I must give a huge “thank you!” to the painting’s owner, Cat Scott (an amazing artist and illustrator) for letting me borrow it for the exhibition.   I promise to return it to you dinning room soon, Cat.

Although the original is obviously not up for grabs, prints and greeting cards of the painting are available here on my ImageKind account.

Art for Ocean Conservancy, Chancery Court Hotel

7.5″x11″ ink on paper
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Art for Ocean Conservancy, Kenwood House Coffee Cafe


8″x10″ oil on canvas
Email ashley.cecil@gmail.com for purchase inquiries