About the Artist

Ashley Cecil is a Pittsburgh-based artist and illustrator specializing in paintings of flora and fauna. Her love affair with all things organic and wild has blossomed as the result of studying landscapes with accomplished master painters in London, immersing herself in vast collections of floral textile prints in European museums, painting from live observation at Phipps Botanical Gardens, geeking out on plant science research, and collaborating with top-notch floral designers.

Her fervor for painting has landed her some pretty amazing opportunities including participating in internationally renowned arts festivals, launching a line of home decor and fashion accessories, creating artwork for the label of a libation consumed by millions, and talking face-to-face with President Obama.

Apropos of Pittsburgh’s industrial heyday, Ashley now paints in an old mine safety appliance factory retrofitted with artist studios. From there, she continues to add to her client list, which includes Oxfam America, Early Times Bourbon, and Pittsburgh Quarterly.

Read more about Ashley’s experience on her LinkedIn profile.

About Ashley’s Process