Photo by Chancelor Humphrey.

Ashley Cecil is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based artist specializing in paintings and sculptural works of flora and fauna that illustrate connections between the natural world and its human inhabitants. Her love affair with all things organic and wild blossomed as the result of studying landscapes with accomplished master painters in London while earning her master’s degree at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, immersing herself in nature-inspired decorative arts collections in European museums, and painting from live observation at conservation institutions such as the National Aviary.

Her fervor for painting has landed Ashley many amazing opportunities including a six-month artist residency at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, participating in Labverde (a residency program in the Amazon rainforest), creating a commissioned artwork for Oxfam America that was exhibited at a United Nations convention on climate change, and talking face-to-face with Barack Obama about thriving as an artist entrepreneur.

Apropos of Pittsburgh’s industrial heyday, Ashley paints in an old mechanic’s garage retrofitted for her studio. From there, she creates her artworks that pique curiosity about nature and foster environmental stewardship.