World Hunger Relief Week

5″ x 7″ watercolor in a 12″ x 15″ frame
Click here to see picture of framed painting.
Painting sold to be auctioned here on eBay to raise money for WFP.

Watching Hotel Rwanda last night and anticipating this Saturday’s visit by exiled Rwandan, King Kigeli Ndahindurwa V, has reminded me, in a roundabout way, to mention that this is World Hunger Relief Week. Yum! Brands, one of the world’s largest commercial food manufactures, has joined efforts with the United Nations World Food Programme to address this global issue. Yum! Brand’s efforts are threefold: utilize their powerful marketing capabilities to raise awareness, fundraising (in stores and online, with an additional 7% of the donated amount matched by the Yum! Foundation), and recruiting Yum! employees to volunteer at food banks, to collect donations, and more.

By pulling from Yum! customers at 35,000 restaurants in 110+ countries, the company and WFP hope to raise enough money to feed half a million people. A modest contribution can go a very long way in areas in the most dire need of food. The World Hunger Relief Week website states:

  • Giving just US$1 can help five people avoid starvation.
  • $10 can feed a hungry person for a month
  • $34 can feed a child in school for the entire academic year
  • $100 can feed a class of 25 students for a month
  • $500 can build a school garden, supplying children with fresh, nutritious produce
  • $1000 can provide emergency rations to nearly 2,000 people

I can hardly eat on $10/day, much less $10/month.

With 1 in 7 people in the world going hungry everyday, I hope you’re compelled to give while you’re out to lunch this week. If, like me, you’re not a regular customer at Yum! Brand restaurants (Taco Bell, KFC and several others), you can make an online donation by visiting


  • fyi I sent an email to the WFP folks in Nairobi… hoping to land myself a contact there. i will have so many pictures for you to paint and sell when i return. and i am getting shoes from all ends of heaven. it’s awesome-ness.

  • Hi Ashley, Love this piece (and the tent city one too) —still really interested in talking to you about a series of commissioned work for Shaping Youth…topics ranging from eco/climate change to Title IX, diversity, junk food, education, electronics/technology on a global scale (mobile social media, ‘serious games/Games4Change, etc.) as well as some of our global outreach projects, like our friends at Silent Bravery: Women of Africa, doing a documentary about the atrocities young girls are facing there. (we’re teaming w/some of our delegates in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, etc.)

    Not sure what I can afford, just KNOW you’re the right artist…even if it gets stretched out over long chunks of time…

    I’m facilitating three “squashing stereotypes in media” workshops at Girls For A on 10/30, but let’s talk thereafter, okay? (see? there’s ANOTHER topic!) ttys I hope, best, A.

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