‘Women of Mass Construction,’ Whitten Montgomery

11″ x 14″’ oil on masonite board.
A donation from sold painting will be made to the Women’s Second Chance Scholarship Fund.

Gallery caption:

Kids Acting Against Cancer (KAAC) raises money to help the fight against cancer primarily through ticket sales to youth musical performances.

Whitten, and her sister Jaclyn, founded KAAC out of their dream to help kids and their families suffering from cancer. Inspired by their mother, Sandy (an 11 year cancer survivor), their mission is to literally act to help find the cure. The girls, along with countless other children of all ages, have put on musical productions to raise money for the charity. In addition to entertaining, they have distributed backpacks and gift packs to sick children locally as well as made generous donations to several cancer charities.

Whitten’s quote in the painting:

I wanted to find a way to use acting to help my mom. It started as something to keep our minds of it. For the first performance 30 people came and paid $3 to see us perform ‘Annie’ in my basement. To date we’ve raised $250,000 (she’s 18 years old).


  • I really like that painting. It reminds me of that famous photo of the construction workers sitting on a crossbeam (Lunch atop a Skyscraper, 1932) during the construction of the GE building. I like this new twist, especially since it’s for a good cause! How much did it sell for & how much went to the scholarship fund? Great work…

  • Thanks Dennis. The painting sold at the gallery for $700 and 20% of my profit is going to the scholarship fund.

  • Your work is absolutely beautiful; I love it and love that you’re using your skill to make a humanitarian difference. My favorite thing is how you use bright colors and mount the work on distressed wood, how creative!

  • Thank you so much Britt. Everyone seemed to really “get” the idea behind using the old wood for the final presentation.

    I really appreciate your kind comment.

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