‘Women of Mass Construction,’ Virginia Durrance

11″ x 14″ oil on masonite board.
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Gallery caption:

Women In Transition is a grassroots organization run by and for poor people working on four primary campaigns: 1. Dismantling Classism, 2. CORROC (Claiming our Rights, Reclaiming our Children), 3. Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and 4. Louisville Living Wage Campaign & Raise the Wage.

Virginia’s involvement with WIT began after years of struggling to keep custody of her two daughters.   Poverty was most often the obstacle that stood between her and her children.   Although she worked two jobs, it didn’t provide her family with their basic needs.

WIT ‘s services would have been a tremendous asset during those challenging times, but Virginia has benefited greatly from the amazing social justice advocates she has since met.   She now volunteers as a parent advocate, helping others living below the poverty level navigate the legal system as they work to maintain custody of their children.

Quote in the painting:

If I had known of an organization like this then, I wouldn’t have lost my girls.   They motivate me and inspire me.

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