‘Women of Mass Construction,’ Anonymous

11″ x 14″ oil on masonite board.
Email me at ashley.cecil at gmail.com for purchasing inquiries.
A donation from sold painting will be made to the Women’s Second Chance Scholarship Fund.

Gallery caption:

The Center for Women and Families engages individuals and community in the elimination of domestic violence, sexual violence and economic hardship through service, education and advocacy.

This domestic violence survivor endured unspeakable abuse and hardships inflicted by her husband, which took her years to escape.   She described walking through the doors of the Center for Women and Families as one of the scariest days of her life.   I would say, given the beautiful woman she showed herself to be in our interview, it was also one of the most pivotal days in her life, as well for her two children.

“God replaced my tears with laughter.

He replaced my fears with faith.

Now, my soul overflows with joy, peace, and thanks.”

Quote in the painting:

We were like broken winged birds when we first came through these doors.   For my safety and sanity, I had to leave everything I knew.   With the love of God, we have been loved and nurtured.


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