What’s a tree worth?

If you’ve registered to attend the opening of my next exhibition, Fruitful, I hope you’ve pre-order your signed, limited edition 19″ x 24″ silk-screened print of “Reciprocal Service” for $55 ($45 for Tree Tenders or anyone registered for the upcoming training). The print is a fresh twist on a toile-style pattern that includes two scenes of people caring for trees and two scenes of people benefitting from them.

I’ve left space at the bottom of each print to handwrite the value of a tree of your choosing based on calculations by i-Tree Design. Using the tree in my own yard as an example, I would write the species name followed by a breakdown of the value of the tree over its lifetime, like so:

Sycamore, [my address], $3,321 in total benefits:
– $1,749 of stormwater runoff savings by intercepting 218,630 gallons of rainfall
– $219 of air quality improvement savings
– $534 of carbon dioxide reduction savings
– $199 of summer energy savings
– $620 of winter energy savings

I look forward to learning how much your own favorite tree gives back to you!

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