The Painting Activist has squeezed into the spotlight again

The Courier-Journal recently ran an article about this new, brilliant, lyrical product sprouting from a dearly loved local coffee chain in Louisville, Heine Brothers Coffee.

As Starbuck’s continues to lose its unique, personal touch and bulge into the Walmart of caffeine, small cafes like Heine Brothers are seizing the opportunity to replicate large-scale successful practices for their mom-and-pop style patrons. For example, I’m sure you’ve seen all the Starbuck’s items sold at the counter aside from products that belong in your mouth, like CDs from their own music label, Hear Music. Heine Brothers has teamed up with sonaBLAST! records to promote up and coming indie rock artists on their own compilation CD. I had the good fortune of blanketing the cover with one of my paintings (and therefore mentioned in the article).

In the Heine Brothers spirit of exclusively using fair trade beans and sending staff to Latin America on Habitat for Humanity projects, this CD is more than another way to make a buck. $1 of the $10 album is being “donated to a fair trade organization, whose goal is to help marginalized producers of any type goods compete on an international scale.”

The CD is available in all Heine Brother store and Ear-x-tacy. There is also talk of Amazon, iTunes, and other independently owned coffee cafes around the country. I’m honored to be a part of it.

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