Snail-mail love, just for my blog followers

Jan2015-sketchI had an epiphany – I spend too much time incentivizing people to subscribe to my blog and not enough time thanking the subscribers I have. After all, I had three drawings in 2014 to give away free prints and such to new people who signed up for my updates. But what about you, the peeps who have been following my work all along? Don’t worry, your time has come my friend.

I’m going to use my new year’s resolution to sketch more regularly to show my appreciation. The drawings won’t be in my sketchbook – they’ll go on blank fine art paper postcards and be mailed to you, the folks who read this stuff. Who doesn’t love handmade snail-mail and a “thank you?” Well, if you don’t because you prefer all things digital (I won’t judge), you can get your fix on my Instagram feed (@ashleycecil), or see the inspirational eye candy I’m pinning on Pinterest

If you are interested, well, you had to be a subscriber. Sorry. The folks who were already on board got a different version of this post in their inboxes with instructions on how to participate (if you subscribe via RSS feed, please shoot me an email at So, if you want to be in on future fun, stick your email in that box on the right side of my blog homepage. Thanks!

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