Reciprocal Service Silk-screened Print


Signed, limited edition 19″ x 24″ silk-screened print. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE


This signed, limited edition 19″ x 24″ silk-screened print was inspired by my artist residency at Tree Pittsburgh. The toile-style pattern includes two scenes of people caring for trees and two of people benefitting from them – a visual reminder that when we plant and care for trees, they generously give back to us.

Each print includes the option to have the monetary value of a tree of your choosing (based on calculations by i-Tree Design) written by hand with 22k gold accents below the artwork. Using the tree in my own yard as an example, I would write the species name followed by a breakdown of the value of the tree over its lifetime, like so:

Sycamore, [my address], $3,321 in total benefits:
– $1,749 of stormwater runoff savings by intercepting 218,630 gallons of rainfall
– $219 of air quality improvement savings
– $534 of carbon dioxide reduction savings
– $199 of summer energy savings
– $620 of winter energy savings

If you are a Tree Pittsburgh “Tree Tender” or are currently registered for the upcoming training, use the coupon code “treetenders” at check out for $10 off.

25% of all proceeds from the exhibition will support Tree Pittsburgh programs.