Northern Royal Flycatchers on Blue Wallpaper


A 2’x12′ roll of woven wallpaper printed with a vibrant pattern created from paintings of Northern Royal Flycatchers, fuschia, moths, orb spiders, and a Victorian-inspired floral motif by Pittsburgh artist Ashley Cecil. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE


Each standard roll of this woven wallpaper is 2′ wide by 12′ long and printed in the US. The material is eco-friendly and contains no formaldehyde, phthalates, or PVC. The self-adhesive backing is mess-free, repositionable during installation, durable, and easily removable.

Rolls of this wallpaper cut to a custom length can be ordered to fit your specific space and minimize waste. Send your wall dimensions to ashley (at) ashleycecil (dot) com for a quote.