Coloring Poster



Forget puzzles, get your color on with friends and loved ones with this 2′ x 4′ coloring poster (or connect more posters together to make a mural).

This coloring poster was one of the many outcomes of my 2016 artist residency at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The design was inspired by the museum’s partnership with BirdSafe Pittsburgh, which is “working to research and reduce bird mortality in the Steel City.” What’s the problem? It’s estimated that up to one billion birds die each year in the US from colliding with windows, which is one of the leading causes of human-induced deaths among birds. The drawing illustrates six bird species native to Pittsburgh heavily impacted by window collisions, Mountain Laurel (Pennsylvania’s state flower), and locals’ beloved keystone emblem – my homage to local bird conservation. Your purchase helps me to financially support the museum’s bird conservation efforts, which in turn funds rehabilitating stunned birds, operating a flight tunnel to test bird-safe window products and more. Want to do more to save birds? Participate in a citizen science program to collect data about the health of birds. Sign up for a national program or a Pittsburgh-specific opportunity.

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Dimensions 48 x 24 in