Nonprofits, be heard!

By guest writer, Michelle Jones of Consuming Louisville

Social Media Club Louisville is presenting a Social Media Bootcamp for Nonprofits. The workshop will cover the basics of social media including the tools and technologies needed to participate, best practices for getting organizations active in the social media space and address some of the unique benefits and challenges nonprofits have in social media from fundraising to increasing organizational awareness.

I personally became really interested in working with nonprofits on social media issues when raising money for a national nonprofit during their annual event in Louisville. I was incredibly frustrated that they had no fundraising widgets or even banners or buttons that I could easily add to Consuming Louisville. The organization also made it, in my opinion, far too hard to donate online. I didn’t and still don’t understand why an organization would put barriers to participation and information in place when social media makes sharing so easy. The only explanation I can come up with is that the organization doesn’t know and understand that the internet makes it possible to do things differenty. So it’s my sincere hope that this workshop can help Louisville nonprofits do things a bit differently, a bit better, and our city will reap the benefits.

Our plan for this bootcamp is to give Louisville nonprofit staff members information about what social media is, explore some specific social media tools and how these tools can benefit nonprofits. We’ll also go over some of the best practices for engaging in social media. Kind of “how to be a good social media citizen. We want to give Louisville nonprofits information and skills they can put into practice immediately as well as information that will help them decide what directions to focus their staff and budget on in terms of social media campaigns. In short we want to share what we know to help Louisville nonprofits so they can flourish and do even more good for Louisville.

Social Media Bootcamp for Non-Profits
Tuesday January 27, 2009

The fee for the Social Media Bootcamp for Nonprofits is $50 per person and space is limited. Register here.

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