Michelle Obama campaigning in Louisville for hubby

As much interest as I have in politics, I don’t think I could ever tolerate the personal sacrifice that comes with the job.   Tonight I heard a devoted Michelle Obama speak about her husband and all the reasons why she fell in love with the “good-looking” “nerd” from Hawaii with the “weird name.”   For those same characteristics, she knows she needs to support her husband’s efforts in bringing his talent and passion to Americans as President.   It’s a very steep personal price to pay, but she married him because of his sincere devotion to service, therefore she feels committed stand by him as he takes it to the highest level.

Mrs. Obama is an extremely well posed, well spoken professional with a intimidating career balanced with a down-to-earth personality coming from a middle class, public school background.   It was wonderful to put a personal story with Barack Obama‘s name.   Sifting through main stream media and gossip is never enough to form an honest opinion about a politician.   Events like tonight help give clear perspective as I continue to take information about the candidates.


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