Just Creations making an appearance at the farmers market

I’ve been toying with this design for a 3′ x 5′ outdoor sign which will hang from a vendor’s table at the Deer Park farmers market in Louisville. If you’re a local, and have frequented this farmers market, I’m positive you’re familiar with the famous omelet stand. The produce to the right of that stand is sold by the glorious organic omelet chefs and comes from Oxmoor Farm, home of the Food Literacy Project (featured here on this site in the past).

As the board member from the marketing committee designated to be the graphic designer for Just Creations, I created this sign to encourage socially conscious farmers market patrons to shop at Just Creations (we are a fair trade, nonprofit retailer selling home furnishings, decor, clothing and coffee produced by artisans from around the world in developing countries. I’ve also blogged about the store here and here). Another board member is donating a several of our artisan baskets to kick start some enticement.

I need to send the design off to the printer this week and would love some feedback. Any suggestions?


  • Kathy Kargl on

    How important is conveying the Just Creations logo/address/web/phone number info at the farmer’s market?

    My concern is that if this is important information, it’s hanging closest to the ground on the sign, and therefore is hardest for the reader to see. Should it move up next to the red headline and then the photo/text/script could move down slightly and even get a little larger for more emphasis? The copy is good.

    Enjoy your blog…
    Just 2 cents worth of design comments.

  • Ashley Cecil on

    Thanks Kathy! As always, very useful input. I agree with you and yes the mentioned info is imp.

  • Angie Impellizzeri on

    Hey Ashley:

    Of course, cost is always something to bear in mind when sending anything to print. But what about an earthy/green (not kelly green) background. I’m one of those people that hate a stark white background. I’m not a graphic designer, by official trade, but do a fair amount of pro bono work and work for a ad agency downtown. That might also make the veggies look a little less cut out… soften it up just a bit? Or perhaps you could quickly paint some veggies and drop them in.

    I like the concept— I like that you tell the audience what needs to happen and draws the connection from the farmers market to their baskets quite eloquently (effectiveness/accuracy always trumps intricacies).

  • i too would like to see the contact information in a more promenant place, but i love the concept. it’s easy to understand and “cute” yet trendy.

  • Ashley – I agree that doing a quick painting of a few veggies would be more eye catching and more effective. Plus it’s a way to squeeze some some of your true love into the piece – who knows, a commission might come of it.

    I agree with Kathy about the headline, too. I envision the logo/address being across the top – maybe you could even get rid of the typeset “Just Creations” and just have their logo large in the left hand corner (helps with their branding, too). Then have the contact info along the top. That way, the white space will help give emphasis to the fun graphic stuff. (Right now, the tangent where the bottom of the basket meets the top of the JC logo is a little awkward for me).

    Oh, and I think a white background would actually work quite well – a green background would visually compete with the red and make it a little hard to read. With some vibrant colors in the graphic, you don’t need a colored background to grab attention!

    All right, off my soapbox. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Cari Tindall on

    I think the logo location is fine. While you are promoting Just Creations, you are also promoting the farmer’s market so the current placement does that. However, I would like to see your artwork rather than clip art. You are so gifted. I could do cut/paste (!); you have so much more to bring to the effort. Plus, you are possible creating a logo for future/other use! As always, good luck.

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