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I have a huge favor to ask you.

Ashlee Swift, a fellow native Louisvillian, inspiring young mother, and former painting subject of mine traveled to Las Vegas last week with her fiancé and their families (including her 11 month old daughter) to get married. Before the wedding, the couple were on their way to a take a helicopter ride when a drunk driver hit their tour bus. As a result of the accident, her left arm had to be amputated. She’s still in a hospital in Las Vegas, nearly 2,000 miles from most of her family back home in Kentucky, including her infant daughter.

What’s the favor? Please give to the GoFundMe campaign her family has set up to raise money for her medical expenses. If you are able to contribute to her recovery, send me a message (ashley at with your address and I’ll mail you a hand-painted card as a thank you.


You can learn more about my painting of Ashlee in my post from 2008 when she participated in my “Women of Mass Construction” project (as a high school student!). I can’t tell you how humbled and inspired I was by the women I met and painted during this project, including Ashlee. Your contribution would mean the world to her, her family and to me. Thank you.

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  • Oh no, this accident is so unfair on Ashlee and the families who love her. I’m not legally allowed to give, I think. I don’t know; I may have to ask a grown-up. I feel quite useless. Just these two days I have encountered so many heart-wrenching instances of suffering and I was either too dumb or too slow to help. I think it’s incapacitating, being a disempowered young person in a busy and uncaring world.

    Your art is one of a kind and top-notch. There is no one who has your style. You deserve to be paid millions for your skills. I checked throughout and found that you may be quite self-employed and not working for a big company. I don’t know whether it’s right for me to say this, but a larger salary with advertising and illustration projects can be good for trying to make dreams come true. I know this, because if I had your skills and a nice paycheck, I can help solve the woes of the homeless and destitute.

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