“Food Stamp Challenge” a guaranteed weight loss diet for congressmen

$21 a week for food? Anyone relying on food stamps to feed themselves wouldn’t find this such a crazy idea. Apparently, this is “the amount the average food stamp recipient receives in federal assistance.”

I found a shocking article in the Washington Post detailing 4 congressmen’s experience of eating for one week on a humble $21 ($1 per meal).   The objective was to gain an understanding of the magnitude of this reality for those living it week after week.   The “Food Stamp Challenge,” presented by the House Hunger Caucus, meant “the four House members [could not] eat anything beside their $21 worth of groceries. That [meant] no food at the many receptions, dinners and fundraisers that fill a lawmaker’s week.”

The article is certainly worth a read.   I was particularly reminded of the implications such budget restrictions have on one’s   health options.   Only the poorest quality foods, laden with additives, bad fats, sugar, and refined/processed carbohydrates, are affordable. It’s an ugly equation resulting in a snowball effect of further poor and compromised quality of life.   Read for yourself; here’s a link to the article.


  • I may republish this over on my blog. This is impressive.

    By the way, I was – somewhere- over the weekend and saw some of your work. I remember – it was on Chris Poynter’s wall in his home on Story Avenue.

    Sooner or later, I intend to buy as the $$ become available. I really enjoy all of your work.

    — Jeff

  • Ashley Cecil on

    Please, republish away Jeff. Good to hear from you and glad to hear Chris is advertising for me 😉 The story he wrote about my work, while he was still at the Courier Journal, did wonders. He claims he’s going to have me over for dinner so I can see the painting on his wall.

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