“Empty Bowls” utilizing artists to combat hunger

Erin Lambers, a fellow artist and good friend from college, recently asked me to paint a few pieces of her beautiful pottery (shown below) to use in an ad for an upcoming charity event. She is spearheading a creative fundraiser, focused on combating hunger, that I will let her let you about:

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“My name is Erin Lambers and I am a potter and clay teacher. The last two years I have attended an event in Dallas, Texas called Empty Bowls. It is held all around the world in the attempt to end hunger. Empty Bowls is an event where people come and share a simple meal of soup and bread and receive a handmade bowl of their choice to take as a reminder that there is someone out there who also has an empty bowl in their hands.

I have decided to bring this amazing event to my little small town – Marshall, Texas. We are a town of 25,000 or so and the need to help those in this area is great, and I hope that with this event we will be able to raise enough money to help the Food Pantry here in Marshall provide meals for those looking into their own empty bowl. So far 100 people have come to the Art Center and have made a bowl for the event and more are to come. I, as well as other local potters, are donating hundreds of bowls for the event. Every penny in ticket sales goes directly to the Food Pantry — tickets are $10, which in turn should help at least 35 people in need. All donations to Empty Bowls anywhere in the country can help feed many.

Empty Bowls is an event in which all people from all walks of life may contribute to stamp out hunger around the world. For further information about Empty Bowls please visit www.emptybowls.org.”

Erin’s event in Marshall, TX is quite a way’s off (February 3rd, 2008 from 11am-2 pm at the Marshall Visual Art Center), but there are Empty Bowls events happening all over the country continuously. Visit www.emptybowls.org to find an event near you. Also be sure to check out Erin’s pottery at www.erinspottery.com. She has a large collection of work and takes custom orders. I used to strive to throw as well as Erin on a potter’s wheel in college, but the painting studio called to me. It kind of worked out well, wouldn’t you say?

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