Derby week roundup

Whew! What a whirlwind of trip to Louisville to promote the Early Times Mint Julep bottle. I’ll spare you the endless details about last week’s pre-Kentucky Derby festivities and just stick to my top five favorite moments:

5. Seeing old Louisville friends at bottle signings. Facebook is great and all, but there’s nothing like a real hug, face-to-face with people who care.


4. My first TV interview. Ok, so it was only a two minute blurb, but it was surreal moment to be on the set of WDRB with Candyce Clifft talking about my artwork. My husband told me not to talk with my hands. Clearly, I didn’t listen.


3. Giving away a signed bottle to a new Pittsburgh admirer. Rachel Weaver of the Tribune Review ran an article about the commission and included my offer to give away a signed bottle to a randomly selected new blog subscriber. The gesture was meager compensation for the fact that the product isn’t sold in Pennsylvania, but I was thrilled to meet Tom from the South Hills and sign his bottle.


2. Seeing my painting wrapped around a taxi, which I also got to sign. The cherry on top was discovering on Twitter that country music artist¬†J.D. Shelburne also signed it! That’s sort of like meeting a celebrity, right?


1. The glorious and¬†ridiculously large hat I wore to the Oaks. I borrowed it from a friend in Louisville who has a marvelous sense for fashion, so I wasn’t concerned about seeing it in advance. I was sold when she told me, “You can’t put it on until you get there because it won’t fit in the car while it’s on your head.”

Now, onto the next big thing. I’ve got to sew, sew, sew in preparation for the Three Rivers Arts Festival. T-minus four weeks to go!


  • Congratulations on the Derby art, Ashley! I’m so delighted that you are thriving.

    Let me know the next time you’re in town!

  • Ashley, Congratulations on your many successes!! You look beautiful through it all:)

  • Thank you, Harry and Jean. It was a wonderful week. I appreciate all of the support.

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