‘Climate Change on Canvas’

48″ x 72″ oil on canvas

I am so incredibly honored to publish this post. This enormous painting was commissioned by my favorite kind of client, a nonprofit organization. I was selected by Oxfam America to create an image that represents the connection between climate change and poverty. The work will also represent Oxfam America’s Climate Change on Canvas project at the next United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in Poznan, Poland in December, 2008.

Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice. The goal of the Climate Change on Canvas project is to use artwork and visual imagery to challenge the UN delegates to recognize the effects of climate change on the world’s poorest communities. Lacking sufficient resources, poor communities are least prepared to adapt to the most severe impacts of climate change. To learn more about Oxfam’s climate change campaign, visit www.oxfamamerica.org/climate

Oxfam America is just one of many Oxfam International affiliates who will be creating canvases for this project. Similar works of art will travel from all over the world created by professional artists, unknown artists and members of developing communities to be exhibited at the UN conference, representing a unified global movement around climate change and poverty. This piece will go to Poland and come back to the US where Oxfam plans to use art as a mobilization tool around climate change in 2009.

You should know that Oxfam is also looking for similar works from art students from around the country. If you are interested in learning more about this component of the project, email Oxfam’s Lead Student Organizer, Gabriel Barreras, at gbarreras[at]oxfamamerica[dot]org.

Thanks to Oxfam staff for contributing content for this post.


  • Gorgeous! It’s not only a beautiful painting — it also addresses what I think is one of the most important issues of our era — environmental abuse and climate change.

    Keep up the great work as an artist and activist!

  • Ashley! Maggie just sent a picture of your most recent painting and it gave me shivers! It is so beautiful!

  • time after time you amaze me.
    you really out did yourself.
    i am glad i got to see the huge size of that sucker before it became so beautiful!

  • Ashley, this is absolutely gorgeous. The clouds look to be tumbling across the sky in a way that gives the scene a real, but subtle, urgency . It’s very stark and dramatic, overall. Breathtaking. And how exciting to get to work with Oxfam!! Congratulations!

  • Ashley — It’s beautiful! It has been so neat to see the work progress from the beginning with just sand to this bright, vibrant piece. How neat to be commissioned by Oxfam to do this piece — I think you produced something really worthy of them and more.

  • This is incredibly beautiful.
    I’m thrilled to have found your site.I admire your art and the mission behind it. Thanks for your part in raising awareness of many important social issues.

  • Hi Ashley,

    I got to know your art visiting Oxfam website… and I do have to say I almost started to cry when I saw your painting… 🙂

    Absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking, etc., etc., etc….!

    Do you have a digital version of this work?
    Maybe a poster?

    I’m from Brazil… and would love to have it at my home. Maybe you don’t have it on this format, but I had to try, right?

    Best wishes,
    You are beautiful – such a bless only came from a beautiful heart!

    Pri 😉

  • I keep returning to contemplate yor painting again and again. It is exquisite and speaks so clearly to the connections between poverty and climate change.

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