Art+Activism on BlogTalkRadio

This Thursday the 22nd, at 2pm EST, I’m being interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by the CEO of Path101, Charlie O’Donnell.   We’ll be talking about how I meshed my career as an artist with my work in the nonprofit sector, and how social media has aided the whole process.   I’d love love for you listen, and even better, call in with questions.

Looking forward to hearing some of your voices.


  • i have class during your radio show!
    you could use this as an email or “text” question: *tell me about what you do to re-charge yourself when you feel burnt out?
    *what advice do you have for budding artists wanting to make it in the field?
    *who do you model yourself after and why?

    there, those are just a few…

  • I caught your blog radio today. great talk. inspiring to me since I do my “fine” art in my personal time but supervise several nonprofit websites for my “day job”. I am always looking for more ways to apply my fine art for nonprofits too

  • I’m glad you you heard the interview today. I hope it was useful somehow. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I love your blog by the way.