Art, technology, and bird songs all wrapped up in Dawn Chorus

If you use a smartphone, love the sound of songbirds, and appreciate nature art, then this post is for you.

During my artist residency at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, I crossed paths with technologists at the Innovation Studio, “the design, development and workflow laboratory at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.” After a few chats about possible ways of blending physical art and museum-centered technology, we found a first fit in Dawn Chorus, the newly launched alarm app for smartphones that stirs you from slumber by the call of songbirds (download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

Screenshots of the Dawn Chorus, a smartphone alarm app that wakes you up to the sound of songbirds

In nature, a dawn chorus is a swelling serenade of songbirds beginning at the break of day. In this digital version, you can set the time of the chorus and snooze it. There’s also information about each of the featured bird species, including conservation risks, and ways to help the feathered vocalists. 

Screenshots of Dawn Chorus, a smartphone alarm app that artist Ashley Cecil contributed botanical art to.
App screenshots curiosity of the Innovation Studio

My contribution to the visual interface of the app is modest – the botanical accents of Mountain Laurel, which you may remember from my bird conservation-inspired residency paintings and pattern (and this scarf). The wonderful bird illustrations are by the talented Sam Ticknor.

Pittsburgh artist Ashley Cecil's handmade infinity scarf 

Go on and download it. You know waking up to the sound of a Magnolia Warbler or a Scarlet Tanager will make you much happier than your phone’s default alarm.

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