A backyard garden, 10 tomatoes and a happy house guest

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Last night I drove deep into rural southern Indiana to celebrate the holiday weekend with friends who recently bought a home with more than enough land to accommodate for a vegetable garden, chickens and goats. Our dinner spread was largely comprised of ingredients fresh from their yard. As anyone who has ever tried to eat locally and seasonally, my friends found themselves with a large over-abundance of a few vegetables, so much so that all guests were given parting gifts of tomatoes.

Eating local produce is an excellent way to support local farmers, revisit the notion that food comes from the ground (not a box), cut down on carbon emissions from carting produce from thousands of miles away, and feed your stomach something it will actually like and use. But committing to such a diet does require some culinary creativity. I love tomatoes, but what am I going to do with 6 of them in one week? Solution: here’s a very simple recipe for 10 Tomato Pasta from the kitchen of Nora Pouillon, owner of Restaurant Nora and Asia Nora in Washington DC (the first certified organic restaurant in the US). So go ahead and buy more tomatoes and pass on the can of SpaghettiO’s.


  • When you eat local you have to plan ahead to winter when the garden is likely not producing. This means putting all that extra food by. Can, freeze, dehydrate, pickle/ferment. Buy a chest freezer, a canner, a slew of canning jars, a bunch of freezer bags and have at it. Also grow/buy locally crops like onions, winter squash, garlic, potatoes all of which will last months out of refrigeration with proper storage.

    Wonderful blog BTW.

  • You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  • Thanks very much for that! My mum recently harvested a garden full of tomatoes before the winter really set in, and I find myself the proud owner of two or five buckets worth! Of course I couldnt eat them all, but I did find a website full of tons more tomato recipes there. A whole website dedicated the topic!! Crazy what you can find on the internetz these days!!

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