Blue Jays on Gray

Blue Jays on Gray
24″x24″ acrylic, oil and 22k gold on canvas
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Although the Blue Jays in this painting were fairly laborious to paint, the circular design around the outside of the image was much easier to create than those in other paintings in this series. The more organic pattern meant I didn’t have to worry about symmetry. That’s comforting since this is one painting of a pair; the second one has the same design.

I’m off to New York this weekend to attend Surtex, “the global B2B marketplace for original art & design—where artists, agents and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable.” Maybe I’ll have an epiphany about what product these paintings can adorn. Wish me luck.

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  • Colleen Rosshirt on

    when you do the next grey background, you should evolve the caterpillars to cocoons, then in the third grey background let them emerge as butterflies or moths. preferably a poisonous one.

  • Is there such a thing as a poisonous butterfly? I will gladly hire you to do research :)

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