Painting in progress, April 30, 2012

Eventually, these two canvases will be a pair, each with two Blue Jays and a decorative band of 22k gold around the white design. In the spirit of my new series of birds with creepy crawly bugs and such, I would love suggestions on what insect to add. No spectacular ideas on the matter have struck me yet.

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  • Colleen Rosshirt on

    YOU SHOULD HAVE THEM PECKING OUT THE EYES OF SQUIRRELS. I really really dislike squirrels.

  • Colleen Rosshirt on

    and a walking stick bug. they are so cool. or a praying mantis. so cool.

  • Very good ideas, Colleen (minus the part about the squirrels, even though I know you hate them). I’ve got some photos of grasshoppers that are all colors of the rainbow, sometimes all at once.

  • I love those jays! Their blue made me think of fat squishy blue caterpillars (though I’m sure they come in all colors if you don’t want more blue).

  • Hi Nedra. It’s great to hear from you. I love the idea of caterpillars. If not blue, maybe lime green ones. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you’re done well.

  • As a kid in Kentucky, I remember those wonderful iridescent green beetles that we called “June Bugs.” Shamefully some would tie string around a back leg of the bug and hold them while they flew in circles. I digress. Can’t remember the name of the bug but in Ashland they were around every summer. They would look great…I think.

    Hope all is well…love your new work,


  • I already have photos of June Bugs printed. Great minds think alike. Green might be a great color with the blue and orange. Thanks, Mille

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