Health check

You’re not going to be a very good advocate or activist if you’re not healthy. I suppose there’s something to a flight attendant’s instruction to first put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Here’s a great resource in the health section of the New York Times today that covers some unfortunately common diseases.   I few of the headlines read:

  • “How to Halve the Death Rate From Colon Cancer.”
  • “How Does Your Waistline Matter? Let Us Count the Ways.”

You can calculate your BMI, or learn how to avoid being one of 6 million Americans who don’t realize they have diabetes.

Deductibles, co-pays, and medical expenses that “don’t count” keep me at arm’s length from the doctor’s office.   Therefore, staying in the know is an important counter balance in maintaining my health.   Even if our medical system doesn’t hinder you, being proactive about your health can make a world of difference.

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