100 Wise Women

Myself and 99 other “wise women” heard Kentucky State Auditor, Crit Luallen, speak this morning at a “One Hundred Wise Women” breakfast.   I had planned to post a quote of inspiration from some popular philosopher, poet, or visionary from antiquity.   After hearing Crit speak, I instead decided to share with you what I found inspirational about her talk.

Given the nature of her work, Crit is inundated with statistical information about the state of Kentucky.   A very large portion of this information is terribly depressing.   I hope I have this wrong, but I swear I heard her say that 3 in 20 students in the state will graduate from high school (please, please correct me on this if my ears heard incorrectly).   In spite of such dismal facts about our state, Crit has forged on and devoted much of her self to affecting change.

Crit highlighted three crucial characteristics imperative for strong leadership that fully resonated with me that I’m sure you will appreciate as well:


All three especially remind me of traits becoming evermore important as things heat up on the campaign trail.   Kentuckianas will vote for governor later this month and, of course, presidential candidates are revved up like we’re voting tomorrow.

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