Ashley Cecil Paulisick

Ashley’s formal training as an illustrator has guided her painting toward representational subject matter. Early on in her career, she was commissioned to paint portraits (of both two and four-legged subjects) and architectural renderings for private individuals. She has also created work for corporate clients such as the manufacturer of Jack Daniels, and for nonprofit clients including Oxfam America.

While earning her master’s in art business at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art London, Ashley was heavily influenced by artists such as William Morris and the vast collections of textile arts housed in British institutions including the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her recent work is a marriage of her technical training and experience in painting the illusion of three-dimensional form with her love of two-dimensional pattern. She brings everything full-circle by using her original artworks to develop new patterns that are custom printed on fabric and sewn by Ashley into a variety of textile products, which you can browse in her shop.

She now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she paints in an old schoolhouse retrofitted with artists’ studios. She also serves as the Vice President of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.

Read more about Ashley’s experience on her LinkedIn profile.